Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Grill

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Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 attempts to tick every possible box in the grill market with their PS9900 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Grill As Well As Smoker. One side of it is a charcoal grill with a flexible coal box and also dampers. Affixed to it is a charcoal-fired countered smoker box, which allows you to make use of the charcoal cooking chamber to create timeless bbq.

Convenience is one of the most prized attributes in modern grills. Gone are the days when a grill was bit greater than a hot box of charcoal or propane fed fires. Most people really feel that if they are going to sink their cash right into purchasing a grill, after that they want it to do greater than simply be able to sear up a steak or a hamburger on the weekend break.

Beyond is a lp fired grill chamber. Alongside it is a modern infrared burner aspect that can sear off steaks, lobsters, chops, as well as other meats that take advantage of a quick blast of extreme fire. If you take place to have a natural gas supply in your house or exterior cooking room, Smoke Hollow does offer a natural gas conversion kit, as an accessory acquisition.

The porcelain covered actors iron grill grates aid make the most of warmth retention. They likewise assist with simple cleanup.


Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Smoker Searing BBQ Grill Model PS9900
  • Use it as a Liquid Propane Gas Grill --or-- use it as a Charcoal Grill --or-- use the Smoker Firebox for indirect cooking and authentic BBQ Smoke Flavor --or-- use the Infrared Searing Burner to sear your meats! Four (4) Grilling options in one unit!!
  • 4 stainless steel burners with push-button ignition. Prepare your next BBQ just the way everyone likes it, this grill has it all!
  • Ceramic infrared side burner that will sear steaks and seafood to seal in the flavor. Enjoy the convenience of a three-burner LP (Liquid Propane) Gas Grill (tank not included) that can cook up to 20 hamburgers at a time
  • Also a Charcoal grill with an adjustable charcoal pan for easier temperature control while providing that charcoal-grilling flavor. And the offset, side smoker firebox that can be used with flavored wood chunks and charcoal for indirect cooking and authentic BBQ smoke flavor.
  • This is the perfect grill to enjoy multiple styles of BBQ cooking, and is great for family meals or large gatherings of friends and neighbors.

Construction & Simplicity of Assembly

One advantage regarding the Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Grill As Well As Smoker is that the assembly directions are simple to review. This is quite unusual for a grill this made complex. The majority of its rival’s directions read like a hieroglyphic records of just how to construct a space capsule.

On the various other hand, this grill is large, considering in at nearly 220-pounds. It is also really complicated, with a great deal of components. It’s absolutely the type of point you want to recruit an assistant for! With 2 people, some fundamental devices, and also a lot of patience, you could be able to obtain it assembled in simply under three hours.

The products utilized in the Smoke Hollow PS9900 have to do with on par with the quality components you discover in their competitors. The actors iron grill grates with their porcelain finishing behave and also first-rate, which is what you would certainly anticipate for a grill with this cost point.

Still, the steel they used in some elements feels a little bit slim. If they hadn’t been smart enough to connect the legs together with integrated shelves as well as cart base, the entire thing would be wobblier than a newborn foal.

Grilling Performance

Outside of a bowl of chilly grain, you would be hard-pressed to come up with something that you can not prepare on the Smoke Hollow PS9900. It uses a charcoal grill, that operates in tandem with a countered smoker on one side. On the other side, there is a sizable barbecue grill, that additionally has an infrared burner component constructed right into the side table for high warm burning.

The charcoal side of the grill has an adjustable firebox

This allows you to greater warm control for the meat you are preparing. Something like a chicken thigh that gains from reduced heat barbecuing to breakdown collagen into delicious jelly can after that be burnt as well as noted. If you choose you can likewise utilize the infrared shed on the propane side to create a delicious crust.

The countered cigarette smoker box works perfectly with only a few small smoke leakages. This is native to the island with a lot of countered smokers. With this unit, it does not really influence heat control, which is something that can not be claimed for several of its rivals!

If there’s a knock on the charcoal grill as well as counter cigarette smoker mix, it’s that you don’t necessarily obtain a large amount of barbecuing space. You intend to barbecue up burgers as well as brats for a family of four it’s simply great. If you want to smoke a butterflied chicken, you have actually got the space. You might even smoke a large mad pork shoulder. Yet a decent sized brisket might be a little way too much for the charcoal side of the PS9900.

The propane side of the grill is a bit bigger and also consists of a warming rack. It’s there to provide you with the comfort of gas cooking, which it does well. When packed just right you can barbecue about a lots decent dimension burger patties. Simply don’t intend on trying to double it as a smoker. There’s simply not nearly enough space for an accessory cigarette smoker box and also a big item of meat.

The infrared side heater in the flip top side table is a nice function. It’s intended to allow you sear off pieces of meat. However, you might utilize to prepare side meals. Simply make certain that you are making use of a bottom clothed pot or pan, to lower your chances of scorching whatever you are cooking.

Barbecuing Locations

The key grates give 860 square inches of barbecuing room. The lp side likewise consists of a 100 square inch heating shelf.

Special Functions

The infrared side heater is nice for burning off pieces of meat. You can likewise utilize a lower dressed pot or pan to prepare side meals.

The balanced out smoker box is a nice feature. It’s a pity that the charcoal side isn’t truly large enough to smoke a large piece of meat like a brisket or a whole turkey.

Alleviate to Clean

The features you utilize will certainly influence simply just how much job you have to take into cleaning up the Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 . The grill grates are enamel covered, which lowers stuck-on material as well as makes it very easy to tidy.

The cigarette smoker box and also the charcoal side have accessibility doors to help clear out ash and spent coals. They are a little on the small side, so ensure to roll up your sleeves prior to you reach in to clean the back edges.

Service warranty

All parts lug a 1-year minimal service warranty. The paint is ensured to be free of problems for up to 90 days except for rust. This is a little much less than you will certainly discover with competitor grills in this course.

Versatile Grill With Charcoal, Gas, Infrared And Also Offset Smoker


  • The flexibility of charcoal as well as gas
  • Infrared heater for burning
  • Countered smoker
  • Flexible charcoal box


  • The charcoal side is a little tiny
  • Can be a little tough to clean charcoal
  • Thin steel building
  • Marginal guarantee

Final thought

If you are trying to find a grill that can give you the taste of charcoal with an offset smoker, while additionally supplying you the benefit of gas when you desire it, then the Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 must be on your list. Just be prepared to invest an entire mid-day placing it with each other. It’s a pity that they don’t back it with a much better guarantee

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