Weber Q100 and Q120 – Explanation of the Differences

Weber Q100 vs Q120

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Worldwide of portable barbecue grill, Weber is king. The Weber Q100 and Q120 are both models that ought to interest you in the sub-$ 200 price bracket. Allow’s see what the differences are as well as which one you must obtain.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Both these designs have actually now been changed by brand-new versions, however, the key distinctions are still the very same.

Weber Q100 vs Q120– The 3 Differences

Dimension sensible, these two products are precisely the same. The distinction can be found in 3 vital attributes:

Folding Work Tables

The Q120 features two folding work tables. This is an excellent extra function to have over the Q100 since, rather honestly, we require these things. Considering that this is a portable device they are especially significant as job space may well be non-existent on the beach or in the woods, or wherever you might find yourself.

Given that they fold away, it doesn’t contribute to the carry size of the item. Terrific function.


The Q100 does not have one, the Q120 does. Exactly how beneficial this is will depend upon the means you prepare, but for the majority of this addition alone is worth the extra cost of the Q120.

Digital Ignition

The Q120 features an electronic ignition, making certain very first-time ignition each time. The Q100 has a push-button starter.

Weber Q100 vs Q120 Summary

Worth it? Heck yes. The convenience of the folding tables will more than offset that $30 approximately with time.

So, that was the Weber Q100 vs Q120. It’s the Q120 all the way for us, and we would certainly encourage you to pick it up too.

You can always trust Amazon for an exceptionally discounted price. Bear in mind, they are now called the Q1000 as well as Q1200.

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